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Interested in a Joint Observatory?

Hier bieten wir Unterstützung beim Einstieg in die Astrospektroskopie sowie eine Plattform für den Erfahrungsaustausch.

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Interested in a Joint Observatory?

Beitragvon Marcel Bigger » 25.03.2010 19:44

Dear all,

I write in English so that, apart from my colleagues in the Professional Group for Spectroscopy, all those expat astronomers in Greater Zurich also feel addressed.

I'm looking for other astronomers, who would also like to give their telescopes a permanent home near Zurich, both for convenience and to maximize observation time. Maybe, we can share something.

In the next few months, I will be searching for a new permanent home for one of my scopes near Zurich in an area as dark as possible but still easily reachable by public transport. It'll be a combined "roll-out / storage" setup: the mount and tripod would sit permanently on a dolly to be wheeled out and the telescope and other equipment would be securely stored in boxes. Among the advantages of this setup are minimal cost and maximal sky view. The observatory will not have a public programme, and astronomers will not be burdened by any time commitments beyond their own observations and research. Small buildings currently being pre-evaluated are garden plot houses and remote parking garages in the south of Zurich.

If you want to join this quest, write to me. If you have a suitable place or know somebody, who might, also write to me.

Marcel Bigger BSc MSc FRAS
Takahashi TSA-102S on an AYOdigi Argo Navis mount
Takahashi CN-212 on an EM200B mount
Atik 314L+ and Watec 120N+ CCDs, LHIRES III spectrograph
Marcel Bigger
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